Pictures from the 2002 ANA Convention in New York City



ANA Convention Headquarters - The Marriott Marquis Hotel

Bourse View

Bourse View from the 7th Floor to the 6th Floor Foreign/Ancient Dealers

Larry G

(foreground) Talking with Aaron Berk of Harlan J. Berk

Larry R

Thoroughly Modern Larry Rowe Taking New Digital Photos of Dealers

Cathy Rowe

Cathy Rowe - The Person that Does All the Work

Prue Fitts

Prue Fitts - President of the ADBC

Mike Bezayif

Portlander Mike Bezayif of Tom Cederlind. Mike is a member of the ADBC as well.

Gail and Doug

ANA Education Director Gail Baker and Copper Coin Dealer/EAC Member Doug Bird at the ANA Banquet

Byxantine Coin Club Banquet

The ADBC (Byzantine Coin Club) Banquet

Byzantine Coin Club #1

Viewing the "Good Stuff" at the ADBC Meeting

Byzantine Coin Club #2

Members of the ADBC Listening to the Empress Prudentia Discuss the State of the Empire.....

Les Miserables

Broadway right out the door of the Convention Center. New York is really one "helluva town".